Competition Rules - Pot Luck Grand National


Entry fee is £2 per horse.

Maximum of two horses per person.

Entrants' horses are chosen by pulling names out of a hat.

Names will be pulled out of a hat on Thursday 2nd April.  All entrants' horses will be listed on this website on Thursday 2nd April.

Should an entrants horse withdraw from the Grand National before the race, their horse will be replaced with whichever reserve horse takes its place.

The 'first faller' will be the first horse to fall or unseat its rider during the race.  If a horse is 'pulled up' it will not be considered as the 'first faller'.

Should there be more than one entrant with the 'first faller', the 'first faller' prize will go to the entrant with the closest to the correct answer for the tie-break question.

Winners will be revealed and prizes given out on Saturday 6th June.

Matthew & Teri's decision is final!